Circle Journal Rules

Last night I finished the Rules pages for my circle journal!! 4 down 4 to go!! I'm actually having a lot of fun doing this! I think I'm gonna work on pages for my bucket list next and wait to do the sign in pages until I can get to Rose's and use the Cricut and make my bucket tags. I'm also very excited to get the Close to my Heart stamps I ordered from Rose so I can add extra pretties to my pages!

I used watercolor pencils to do the tie dying over the words and smudged it with water. The paper is a Me & my big idea card stock book from
Michael's. Man does that book have some wonderful paper in it! I cut the paper into thirds and then glued and taped them back together to make an 8x8 square. I stamped Paris with a alphabet stamp set I borrowed from Rose, and the flower stamps are Natures beauty from Creative stamping kit-of-the-month club. The green glittered polka dot ribbon is from the dollar bins at Michael's. The sentiment stickers are from a card stock book my friend gave me.

Chad doesn't like the tie dyeing over the words but I do! Maybe I will figure out something different we shall see!

Let me know what you think about it!


Deb on the Web said...

I think these are looking great! I can't wait to see your pages in person, you have some very fun paper! Your color schemes always work well together. If you want to play around with some vellum, I'd be happy to send some your way (that can soften background colors if you put the text on the vellum, and the vellum over top of the tie-dye paper)

Junedeer said...

I would love to play with some Vellum! I like experimenting with new things!

NickeyCole said...

I love the tie dying over the words. It's such a fun look. I wanna learn!

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