Care Bear quilt

So I found this pre-quilted quilt @ Walmart that you just have to add the binding too and Tagen LOVES Care Bears so I got it for her for Ostara. well I have been holding on to it since the beginning of March b/c I was having issues with the binding. Well I decided to work on it today and realized the issue with the binding is that since I don't want to cover up all the stars I didn't push it all the way down on the fabric and now the corners won't bend right. :( So I cut the binding into 4 pieces and I totally measured wrong oops. I forgot to account for the extra length the binding would add to the ends! :( oh well looks like I'm going to Walmart tomorrow to pick up some more rainbow binding so I can finally finish Tagen's blanket! At least I have 2 sides done! I will add more pics once I have it finished!

50th Anniversary cake

2 weeks before Easter Chad's mom calls and asked me if I would make a special cake for her parents 50th wedding anniversary. Of course I said yes!! I had been wanting a reason to make a cake again anyways! :) I used 2 of the same recipes from January's Cake Frenzy. I used the Honey Chai and the Coffee Chocolate cake recipes. Each tier has both kinds of cake in it.

This time I decided to use store bought fondant and just bought white and an once of black food coloring. It took about 2 hours and and once and a half black to get the fondant the right color. The gold color is edible gold pearl dust mixed with vodka and then I painted it on to the hearts and little beads in between the diamonds. I used the Cricut and a sheet of stencil plastic to make a diamond shaped stencil so they would all be the same size.

I got the black shiny by painting it with vodka as well. I discovered this by accident when I dropped one of the diamonds in the bowl of vodka I was using to adhere all the pieces to the cake. I also had problems with the fondant cracking on me so I think it was too dry again! :( oh well I will figure it out someday!

Cake topper

This is the cake topper I made For my husband's maternal grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. your 50th is called the "Golden" year since you are suppose to give each other gifts of gold.

To make it I used a black textured card stock, a metallic gold card stock, and a patterned piece of grey paper. I used Lindsey's Cricut and her Sweethearts cartridge to cut out all of the components and then glued them together onto a bamboo skewer.

My circle journal

Sorry I have been absent from blogging but I have been spending most of my free time working on my circle journal. I did my journals theme as "Bucket List". For those that don't know a bucket list is a list of things you want to do or accomplish before you "Kick the Bucket" This is also my first time scrap booking and I think I did pretty damn good for my first try!

Here is my cover. I changed it a few times but I like how it turned out in the end! Thanks Lindsey for letting me borrow your Cricut!!!